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My Gift Cards to track Gift Card balances.

Features include: -

  • Facility to keep track of balances on individual gift cards.
  • See accumulative balance for all your gift cards.
  • Synchronise your transactions to iCloud to backup and keep multiple iOS devices in sync.
  • Optimised for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.
  • Delete Gift Cards and transactions by swiping and selecting delete, just like deleting an email.
  • Edit gift card details.
  • Edit transaction details.
  • Optionally add card number.
  • Optionally add card expiry date.
  • Reload transaction, that adds to your balance.
  • Pin can be stored for each card.
  • Select/update the transaction date.
  • Card number can be alphabetic.
  • Scan barcode using your devices camera.
  • Take a photo of your card and use the image to help identify your cards.

iOS 5 required.


Download from the App Store

Now available to download from the App Store


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Q. How do I delete a transaction or a gift card?

A. Simply swipe along the transaction or gift card to toggle the delete button, just like on the email app.

Q. How do I amend a transaction or a gift card?

A. Tap the blue circle with a white arrow on the right hand side of the transaction or gift card.

Q. How long does it take for updates to synchronise to other devices?

A. Typically this can take a few minutes, however updates from the new iPad (3rd generation) seem to take longer around 10-20 minutes. This is done in the background by iOS operating system and  (at the time of writing) cannot be manully requested by our software.

Q. I have two devices and the data is NOT synchronised between them?

A. Check the following:-

  • The iCloud account on both devices must be using the same Apple ID.
  • Documents & Data (in iCloud settings) must be switched On.

Q. I have checked iCloud settings and the data is still NOT synchronised between them?

A. Try each of these:-

  • Delete the iCloud data, to do this go to the Settings App, then tap iCloud, scroll to the bottom and tap Storage & Backup now tap Manage Storage. Under Documents & Data find the My Gift Cards and tap it. Tap the Edit button and then tap Delete All. 

If data is still not synchronised :-

  • Delete My Gift Cards App from one of the devices, ideally the device that was not the first to be installed.

If data is still not synchronised :-

  • Delete My Gift Cards App from All devices and then delete the iCloud data (this can be performed on any of your devices).
  • Reinstall the My Gift Cards App from the App Store.

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