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Saving for a major expenditure like a holiday or putting aside money to pay your bills? My Savings is a great savings tool to help you reach your savings goals. It will even tell you how much you need to save each month.

My Savings has the following features: -

  • Create specific saving pots. e.g. wedding/house deposit/car/holiday/college/household items/bills.
  • You can enter a target amount and select a target date you need to save by.
  • My Savings will instantly tell you how much per month you need to put away to reach your targets.
  • For security you can pin protect your data.
  • Have as many saving pots and saving accounts as you like, My Savings will keep a tally of the total outstanding monies.
  • You can assign banked transactions to specific savings pots manually using a slider or by auto assign which calculates the proportional amount based on target and date.
  • Separate tab allows viewing of completed My Savings pots.
  • Great tool to teach money management.
  • Enhanced for 4-inch retina display.

iOS 5.1 required.


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