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The idea for Trip Money first came whilst on trip to Las Vegas. I had taken a currency card pre-loaded with dollars, with data roaming switched off the only way to check the current balance without a Wi-Fi hotspot was to find an ATM. I thought here's a great idea for a iPhone app, now Trip Money has evolved and does a lot more than just tell you how much balance you have left.

  • Instantly check your balance and track spending whilst on a trip.
  • No more having to check your currency card balance at an ATM to get your latest balance.
  • Trip Money handles more than just currency cards, you can also use it for your traveller’s cheques and cash.
  • Facility to "Cash Up" similar items in one transaction, no need to add a transaction after every small purchase.
  • Create a future purchase i.e. to reserve an estimated amount to pay a hotel bill, then once paid you can confirm the transaction.
  • Designed to handle single or multiple currencies for your trip, now with support for 161 common currencies.
  • Track your spending using pre-loaded categories, you can also add, rename or delete your own categories.
  • A simple bar chart illustrates a summary of your spending.
  • You can see how much a transaction has cost you in your own currency, with accurate exchange rates based upon the actual rate that you purchased your currency.
  • View the cost of an item in your own currency using the Fx Calculator.
  • GPS location of a purchase is automatically stored so you can send recommendations to friends by email or SMS.
  • Take a photo of your receipts and store electronically along with the transaction, these can then be emailed or saved back to the camera roll (i.e. when on a business trip and you want to send the receipt back to the office).
  • Store your remaining currency in the Bank to use on your next trip.

MyGiftCards is our free app which allows you to keep track for your gift card balances. Trip Money can do the same but with all the extra features above, simply create a new Trip and call it something like "GiftCards", then add each of your gift cards.

Is your currency missing, let us know and we will add it in the next update, email


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Now available for download from the App Store


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Q. Adding a purchase but cannot save as the button is disabled?

A. When creating a purchase transaction you must enter the amount, description and at least one category. When you enter the amount it will automatically set this for the first category, but you must tap the category field (the row with the > indicator) to bring up the category list and select one.

Q. Why does the transaction automatically set to Load instead of Purchase?

A. When the money item has no balance it automatically sets the transaction to Load, as there cannot be a purchase when there is no balance. When there is a balance it defaults to a purchase transaction except for Cheques, which default to Exchange for cash.

Q. One of my favourite currencies is not supported?

A. Let us know and we will add it in the next update, email

Q. How do I increase the accuracy of the GPS location on transactions?

A. Go to settings and slide the Accuracy to the left to increase the accuracy, slide to the right to decrease the accuracy.

Q. How do I move my remaining balance to a new trip?

A. End the Trip, this will move all remaining balances to the Bank. Go to the Bank and select the money item, now click on the button Move to trip.

Q. How do I see the remaining balance of my trip in my own currency?

A. Select your trip, use two fingers and swipe from left to right, this toggles the currencies between your home currency and the currency of the money item.

Q. How do I send a GPS location of one of my transactions to a friend to recommend a great restaurant?

A. Select the transaction and select the location button at the bottom of the screen, this will show you the location on a map. Click on the pin to show the description (if not already shown) and click the disclosure button next to the description. You are then asked if you want to email Coordinates or SMS Coordinates (depending on what's available on your iOS device).

There is also a help section from within the App, click Help on the home screen.

Got another question, ask us by emailing